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One Session

"I'm feeling a bit run down, and I need some "me" time."

Where You Are Now:

  • You're going through a tough time and could use some self care.

  • You have just run a half marathon, and your body could use some attention.

  • You've got some tension building, and you've heard that massage can help. 

What Your Issues Are:

  • You're feeling tired, sore, stiff, sleepless, or fatigued.

  • Your muscles are sore and tender as they repair themselves after a workout.

  • You've got a lot of stress. You're shoulders are probably tight, too. 

What You Need Now:

  •  Soothing touch to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, calm the mind, and promote relaxation. 

  • Work which promotes healthy circulation to those overworked muscles and encourages tissue repair while preventing tightness in the days to come. 

One Session Pricing:

  • 60 Minute Session: $120 

  • 90 Minute Session: $160 

  • 120 Minute Session: $200 

*First Time Clients: Your first session includes an additional 15-minute window to talk through your health history and goals for your massage. 


Three Sessions

"I've got a nagging pain, and I don't want it to get worse." 

Where You Are Now:

  • You've had a recent injury, taken care of it with rest/ice/compression/elevation, and you don't want it to become a bigger issue.

  • You haven't found a massage therapist who takes the time to get to know your body and your needs. 

  • You live an active and/or stressful life, and you want to plan some routine self-care. 

What Your Issues Are:

  • Stiffness/tension forming in other parts of your body as the result of compensating for your original injury while it heals. 

  • You have had one-time-massages with different therapists, and you are tired of starting over from square one each time you want bodywork. 

  • Stress and fatigue settle in regularly, and you know you'll need more than one session to work out the knots. 

What You Need Now:

  • Rest! It is important to rest your original injury before attempting any direct bodywork. Treatments shortly after an injury will focus on areas surrounding the injury site to prevent the formation of a functional imbalance. 

  • A throrough assessment in which we will develop a treatment plan together to address your concerns. 

Three Session Pricing: 

  • 60 Minutes: $342 (Save $18)

  • 90 Minutes: $456 (Save $24)

  • 120 Minutes: $570 (Save $30)


Five Sessions

"I have chronic pain, and it's started to affect my everyday life." 

Where You Are Now:

  • You have recovered from an old injury, but there is still pain/tension present that interferes with day to day activities. 

  • There is a permanent structural imbalance which causes tension to form regularly, and you'd like to address the secondary tension and alleviate the discomfort. 

  • You know you enjoy massages enough to make them a part of your self-care routine, and you'd like to save some money by planning ahead!

What Your Issues Are:

  • Pain which can be sharp or dull, but remains present long after an injury has had time to heal. 

  • Common, repetitive movements or activities have become difficult, uncomfortable, or outright painful. 

What You Need Now:

  • A thorough assessment in which we will get an understanding of where you are presently through orthopedic testing, discuss your health goals, and create a treatment plan specifically designed to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Repeat treatments: long standing musculoskeletal issues will often take multiple sessions to address. Working together regularly allows us to work as a team and make significant progress! 

Five Session Pricing:

  • 60 Minutes: $540 (Save $60)

  • 90 Minutes: $720 (Save $80)

  • 120 Minutes: $900 (Save $100)

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