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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect...

Please take a moment to read the Health & Safety Advisory if you haven't already. 

What to Expect
...before my session?
  • Booking & Forms: When you request your first booking, you will receive a confirmation email detailing the date and time of your scheduled appointment as well as an invitation to fill out your online intake forms. Please take a moment before your session to complete your forms with as much detail as possible. This will allow me to better prepare for your massage and will ensure we spend less time on paperwork and more time on the table addressing your concerns! 
  • Setting Up: I ask that you take a moment to make sure there is enough space in your home to set up a massage table. I will arrive approximately 15 minutes before your session time to set up. The massage table I use is approximately 30” wide x 73” long. Please take time to clear an area with ample space to move comfortably around the table. 

  • Pets: If you have pets, I ask that you inform me at the time of booking or before your session begins. During your session, it is preferred that your animal companions be kept away from the treatment space for everyone's comfort and safety.

  • Personal Hygiene: Please take care to wash up and practice good hygiene before their scheduled session.

...during my session?
  • Set Up & Intake: I will strive to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled session begins. During this time, I will set up the massage table and prepare the space for your treatment. While getting set up, I’ll ask you questions to build upon the information provided on your intake forms and finalize a plan for your session.
  • What to wear: This is entirely up to you and your comfort level. Many treatment sessions involve the use of oils/lotions. For this reason, it is recommended that clients undress to the level they are comfortable to allow me to work freely over your body. Sheets will remain draped in such a way as to provide coverage for all sensitive areas as well as for areas not currently receiving work. *Note: Massages can always be modified to fit the client’s needs and comfort level. You can still receive an effective massage while fully clothed.*

  • Treatment: Each session is tailored to your individual needs. This treatment is for you, so it is your right to make requests regarding areas of your body that require extra attention, areas you would prefer not be touched, changes to pressure, changes to the music. We will work together to ensure that your time serves you best. ​

...after my session?
  • Breaking Down: It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to break down the table and prepare to leave your space. I will do my best to be as quick as possible so that you can continue to relax. 

  • Rest: While everyone will experience and process bodywork differently, there are some common side effects one can reasonably expect after a session: relaxation, sleepiness, hunger, mild soreness (especially after deep work), opening of joints/freedom of movement, temporary light headedness after getting off the table, and more. It is highly recommended that after your massage session you allow yourself to rest. Avoid stress and strenuous activities for the rest of the day to enjoy and maintain the benefits of your massage. 

  • Be Present: Massage can sometimes elicit strong emotional responses. Take time to sit with yourself after a session and allow yourself to process whatever comes up for you. 

Medical Information
*Please review the following carefully.*
"Is this a good time for me to get a massage?"

It is in everyone’s best interest to reschedule your appointment if:

  • you have skin irritations (such as sunburn, poison ivy, large cuts or abrasions) or anything which might be contagious.

  • you have a  cold, flu, or feel like you’re coming down with either. 

  • you’re adjusting to new medications. 

Don't worry! I am happy to ​reschedule our session for a time when you are all back to better. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are experiencing any of the above, and we can make arrangements to reschedule your appointment. This is for your well being as well as my own. 

"Why do you require an intake form and health history?"
  • For your first appointment, you will be required to complete a standard, confidential intake and consent form. This documentation is required by law. I will review your intake forms and then we can discuss your health history to make sure you receive a massage that is both safe & beneficial. 

  • It is important to disclose any health conditions, whether past or present, in order to ensure a safe, healthy, and beneficial massage experience. Certain conditions and medications will partially or fully contraindicate massage, so it is important for me to know this information. 

"Is my information safe with you?"
  • My practice is compliant with H.I.P.A.A. rules and regulations regarding client privacy. 

  • Your information will always remain confidential unless disclosure is requested by you in writing or is required by law.

"Can you make a diagnosis or prescribe at home treatments?
  • No. Massage therapy is NOT intended to replace consultation with a medical doctor. If you have any questions regarding your health or a medical condition, you should promptly consult your physician or other healthcare provider.

Medical Information

Cancellation Policy

& Payment Rules

I have adjusted the 24-Hour Cancellation Policy for any issues related to suspected or confirmed exposure to COVID-19. Clients who are feeling under the weather or who have reason to believe their health is compromised are able to cancel up to 2-Hours before their scheduled appointment without charge. You will not be penalized for doing the right thing! Please note that the remainder of the cancellation policy remains in full effect. 

Whenever an appointment is scheduled by you or anyone on your behalf, you agree to the cancellation policy on this page. Your appointment time has been reserved for you alone, and no one else is booked during the time of your scheduled session. If you must cancel a scheduled appointment please call/text 646-885-1376 or email as soon as possible to avoid charges.

  1. All cancellations require 24-hour advance notice! This allows time for new clients to book when your schedule changes. 

  2. Same day appointments may be cancelled without penalty up to 1-hour from the time of booking. Any changes made to your appointment after this time period are subject to the fees of the full cancellation policy.

  3. Payment: All clients are required to provide a credit card at the time of booking. This will only be used in the event of a late cancellation in accordance with the cancellation policy. After your appointment, we will have a brief checkout at which time you can opt to pay via cash or credit card. 

  4. Charges & Fees: Last minute cancellations and no-shows are charged the full price of the session booked. 

  5. Emergencies: I completely understand that life happens, especially in NYC. In the event of cancellation without minimum notice due to circumstances beyond our control, this policy is null and void. Examples of these causes are (1) acts of God or of the public enemy, (2) acts of the government, (3) fires, (4) floods, (5) epidemics, (6) quarantine restrictions, (7) strikes, (8) riots (9) freight embargoes, and (10) severe weather. In cases of emergency after the 24-hour window has passed, please text or email me as soon as possible to notify of your cancellation. We can arrange to reschedule for another time without penalty. 

  6. Running Late: Please call/text as soon as possible if you are running behind. If you are late for your scheduled appointment, you are entitled to receive your massage for the remaining time at the full rate of the scheduled session.

  7. Therapist Cancellation: In the event that I am unable to make our appointment (due to illness, unsafe weather conditions, emergency, or unforeseen circumstances), I will do my best to provide you with adequate notice. Your appointment will be rescheduled free of charge. 

  8. Inappropriate Behavior: Massages can be intimate, relaxing, and sensually indulgent experiences. That said, it must be made clear that none of the services I offer are sexual in nature. I reserve the right to discontinue any service already in progress and charge the full-rate for the session if, for any reason, client motives outside of a therapeutic context are implied or suspected.

Cancellation Policy
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