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Who Am I?

Brogan Wikarek, LMT

     My name is Brogan Wikarek, and I am the Metropolitan Mystic (TMM). I was born and raised in Port St. Lucie, Florida. In my adolescence, I developed a strong work ethic through years of martial arts training and customer service work. I received a Bachelors of Arts in Comparative Religious Studies from the Florida State University in 2011. It is through this anthropological study that I cultivated a greater love of humanity and its multitude of facets. 

     In the spring of 2012, I made the grand leap to New York City with a goal of surviving one year in the Big Apple. Many years later, I have lived in three of the five boroughs, have been fortunate enough to see many Broadway shows, have maintained a fulfilling social life, and have received my Associates of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (NY) in 2017. I have managed to support this lifestyle by professionally providing space for therapeutic physical, emotional, and spiritual healing as a Certified Crystal Healer and Consultant, and now as a Licensed Massage Therapist. My time working in these fields has deepened my spirituality, provided me with experience in a multitude of healing modalities, and encouraged my choice to enter the field of Complimentary Alternative Medicine. I hope to utilize my education and experience to bring my clients into a greater balance of mind and body while encouraging health, wellness, and greater spiritual connection in their lives. In whatever spare time remains, I can be found deep in the thrall of my latest fantasy novel, breaking out the board games for a friendly night of competition, and adding new and interesting specimens to my crystal collection.

Who Am I?

What Do I Do?

     I am a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Certified Crystal Healer. Primarily a massage therapy practice, TMM offers traditional massage services including: Swedish Massage, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Lomi Lomi. As a certified crystal healer, I am able to offer additional complementary services to clients such as: crystal body layouts, energetic clearing and balancing, and integrated energetic & physical body therapies. This unique combination of techniques and services (traditional and unusual, expected and unexpected, modern and ancient) allows TMM to engage clients on a deeper level than my peers and competitors. In addition to my therapeutic skills, I am able to offer my clients ten years of customer service training and experience, four years of anthropological studies and associated knowledge, and an innately empathic nature. As part of my commitment to customer service, I intend to build a practice with a goal of offering exclusively in home massage therapy treatments. With a compassionate heart, TMM is truly the therapist who wants to see you succeed.

What Do I Do?

Who do i work with?

     While I will offer my services to anyone who feels they need some assisted self-care, as the Metropolitan Mystic I intend to focus my practice on helping the movers & shakers of New York City. We all have within us the capacity to affect great change within our circle of influence. To put it simply: my goal is to help the denizens of NYC to achieve optimal health and wellness so that they are in the best position possible to affect the change they would like to see in their world.

     As a long time resident of New York City, I’m well acquainted with the stress associated with high energy city life. New York City residents are among the greatest movers and shakers the world has to offer, but the demands of city life can take their toll on our bodies, hearts, and minds. It is my goal to help my clients relieve the symptoms of mental, emotional, and physical fatigue so that they can get back to operating at full capacity. I offer my services to those New York City dwellers who feel that a little self-care will go a long way to helping them change their world one shake at a time. 

Who Do I Work With?
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